Midnight Macabre – buy a ticket and watch comedies on stage

If you love comedies, then the Midnight Macabre is the place to be! This newly launched theater in your city presents some of the best comedic sketches on stage that will leave you roaring with laughter. The concept behind the show is “In Conversation”—comedians and comic actors come together to host a series of conversations […]

Midnight Macabre – a comic strip depicted in a comedy show

If you’re a fan of comedy television, you may have noticed a comic strip by the name of Midnight Macabre making its way onto your screens over the last few years. This fun and slightly spooky comic strip is featured in various TV shows, including The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, How I Met Your […]

Midnight Macabre – check out this comedy show by Gaspar Baugh

Are you looking for some quirky entertainment this weekend? Settle into a comfy seat and get ready to laugh out loud – because Gaspar Baugh’s “Midnight Macabre” comedy show is coming to town! This one-of-a-kind show offers a blend of music, comedy, and horror that you won’t find anywhere else. With performances by a cast […]