Midnight Macabre – check out this comedy show by Gaspar Baugh

Midnight Macabre is a comedy show by comedian Gaspar Baugh. He has a stand-up routine with jokes and sketches which is suitable for an 18+ audience.

Midnight Macabre is a comedy show that made its debut in 2018. The show is created and hosted by comedian Gaspar Baugh.

Gaspar Baugh, who has been on the comedy scene since 2003, always said that he wanted to be a comedian since he was little. He hosted various comedy shows, ran his own YouTube channel and wrote for TV shows like Tosh.O, but never had his own solo show before Midnight Macabre.

The first episode of the Midnight Macabre show was released in November of 2018 and 12 episodes were completed by February 2019. Midnight Macabre is an 8-episode series which is meant to be watched in one sitting as each episode runs for about 30 minutes.

Gaspar Baugh is a comedian and the creator of Midnight Macabre, a comedy show in which Gaspar trades in his sarcasm for laughs.

The show begins on December 31st at midnight and starts with a satire of Mariah Carey singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” to the audience. Audience members are encouraged to wear something black, sexy, or totally inappropriate for work.

Gaspar Baugh’s comedy show encourages its audience to get creative and provides them with a unique experience that will be sure to put them in the holiday spirit.

Midnight Macabre is an online comedy show performed by Gaspar Baugh. It is also a podcast that has 100+ episodes. Each episode starts with a story that relates to the theme of the show, followed by standup comedy performance, and then a live chat session with listeners (via Facebook Live).

Gaspar’s new comedy show tackles topics like death and madness with his own brand of dark humor and takes questions from viewers during the live chat sessions.

Midnight Macabre is a comedy show by Gaspar Baugh, where he plays five creepy characters.

Gaspar Baugh is an actor and comedian. He started his career as an intern at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, but moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being on-camera talent. He has been playing five creepy characters in the Midnight Macabre since 2013.

Gaspar Baugh is an American comedian and producer. This is his show “Midnight Macabre”

In this show, Gaspar Baugh presents his best material in a different way. He shares his thoughts on the world while he talks about some of its most pressing problems.

Midnight Macabre is a one-man comedy show written, directed and performed by Gaspar Baugh.

Gaspar is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and San Quentin State Prison. With his unique performance style, he has been entertaining audiences all over the world.

Funny jokes, physical humor, and inspiring messages are what you will get from his performances.