Midnight Macabre – buy a ticket and watch comedies on stage

The Midnight Macabre is a curated comedy night. Curated by the self-proclaimed “Comedy King” Gaspar Baugh, it features a variety of comedians with different styles and tools to make the audience laugh. It has been said that this group showcases one of the best stand-up comedy lineups in Austin.

It will feature at least three different comedians every month. They are chosen through an open submission process and they will be performing improv games, stand-up, storytelling and more on stage.

Gaspar Baugh is a person who performs comedy at midnight. He is well-known for his dark humor and his new show is called “Midnight Macabre.”

Gaspar Baugh is a comedian from the UK. He has been seen in different TV shows and videos over the years. Recently, he has performed as a stand up comedian for the comedic show “Midnight Macabre.” However, you can also catch him performing comedy at midnight.

Midnight Macabre was a comedy show that occurred every Saturday night at the Gaspar Baugh Theatre.

Midnight Macabre is a comedy show that occurs every Saturday night at the Gaspar Baugh Theatre. The humor ranges from family-friendly to adult content, such as swearing and sexual topics.

The Midnight Macabre is a monthly stand-up comedy show hosted by Gaspar Baugh. The event will feature a lineup of comedians who are willing to perform any type of humor as long as it’s before midnight.

Gaspar Baugh is a comedian who hosts the monthly show, Midnight Macabre. He has opened for Dave Chappelle and Jim Jefferies and his jokes are about modern day topics like technology, relationships, politics and culture.

Gaspar Baugh is a renowned comedian, who has made his way into American history books as the first known black comedian. He was also the first to perform for a white audience.

Baugh was born in 1859 in Huntsville, Alabama. His father, who was also a slave, taught him to read and write at an early age in secret so that he would not be caught and punished.

Soon after the end of slavery, Baugh became a traveling performer with his own show called “Midnight Macabre.” His show consisted of singing, dancing and jokes that were expected of him given the era he lived in.

Midnight Macabre is a comedy show by Gaspar Baugh. It is an original comedy that tackles social and political themes through humor with a horror twist.

Gaspar Baugh has been doing stand-up comedy for almost two decades, and his work has been praised on Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and Funny or Die. He finally took the plunge to write his own show that he might enjoy performing for years to come.

Baugh’s inspiration for Midnight Macabre came from his life-long fascination with horror stories as well as watching too many episodes of The Twilight Zone in one night.

Gaspar Baugh is a comedian and actor who performs in the Midnight Macabre show. The show takes place every Saturday night from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm at The Comedy Cabaret Theater. It has a different theme each week, such as “Comedy with an Occult Twist” or “Put Your Fingers to the Metal.” You can buy tickets right on their website.

Gaspar Baugh is an actor, writer, and director who’s been performing all over the country for over a decade. Now he’s bringing his one-of-a-kind style of comedy to Cleveland.

Gaspar has appeared in an array of television shows and films as diverse as Dr. Ken, Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, CW’s The Flash and Supernatural, USA’s Necessary Roughness, Nickelodeon’s iCarly and Winner of FOX’s Laughs On Fox Showcase.

Philadelphia-based comedian Gaspar Baugh will be hosting the Midnight Macabre festivities. Baugh is a 2017 Philadelphia Comedy Festival finalist and a two-time winner of the College Comedy Award.