Midnight Macabre – A comedy show of monsters at a train station in Texas

Gaspar Baugh is a very unusual comedian. He is aiming to appeal to audiences who are tired of the same old comedy formulas.

His first show, Midnight Macabre, is a comedy show of monsters at a train station in Texas. The idea was inspired by his childhood love for the TV show Monster Mash and growing up in rural Texas waiting on the trains to pass.

Midnight Macabre is an interactive comedy show of monsters at a train station in Texas. It is hosted by Gaspar Baugh, a comedian. People can sign up for this event and participate in the show as if they were there in person.

For example, there is a scene where people had to get on one of two trains and Gaspar was the conductor. He had to pick the right train that was headed to Midtown San Antonio before he could send all the passengers on their way.

Gaspar Baugh is the creator of the Midnight Macabre comedy show. The show features a comedian telling jokes about monsters, talking about their power in the world, and their fears.

Gaspar Baugh is a stand-up comedian as well as a voice actor. He has appeared on various TV shows such as The Voice, Good Morning America, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In 2002 he decided to take his skills to the theater stage with a comedy show that featured monsters he created.

Mr. Baugh’s Midnight Macabre is not your typical horror show; it is actually comedic and silly. Instead of being shown in dark alleyways, it is held in public places like train stations at midnight, or lecture halls at the University of Texas during the day.

The show has been seen by many people around the world and will continue to grow in popularity because this type of content really resonates with people’s interests.

Gaspar Baugh, a comedian and actor, can be seen playing the role of a vampire in the Midnight Macabre. The show was exclusively put on by Occult Productions at the Union Passenger Terminal in downtown Austin, Texas. It is a theatre-based comedy that features various types of dark and scary creatures including zombies and ghosts. The play has been performed more than 100 times and has also been featured in festivals across the US.

Gaspar Baugh is a comedian who’s on a mission to bring the world laughter. He has toured across the country, America, and Europe. With a background in psychology and theater arts, he has combined his talent in skits, sketches and stand-up comedy to create an entertaining performance full of laughs.

He also plays with ideas of weirdness and horror but with a twist of comedy. This has led him to have one of the biggest fan bases in the world. Midnight Macabre is his show where he dresses up as various monsters and gets on stage at Train Station in Texas that looks like it’s from The Walking Dead to make people laugh their socks off!

The show Midnight Macabre is a culmination of gaspar baugh’s idea. He came up with the idea of creating a film company that would make horror movies. Midnight Macabre has been running for 18 years now and it is among the longest running horror show in Texas. It is on every Friday night, starting at 10:00 P.M.

The general public is able to see the performance by attending it or they can also view it through their live webcam on the website.

In this horror comedy show, Gaspar Baugh and his friends, who are monsters, try to scare their audience.

The show is called Midnight Macabre and it takes places at a train station in Texas. It happens every Friday night at 12 AM.

All the monsters are played by Gaspar Baugh and his friends, who are all comedians. They have been doing this for years with audiences in different parts of the world like New York and Belgium.

Gaspar says that people come from miles around to see their performance because it is a train station in Texas that usually has nothing going on late at night other than trains.

Gaspar Baugh is a comedian and the creator of Midnight Macabre. He became famous for his comedy show Midnight Macabre, which he has performed in Austin, Texas with his troupe of monsters. The show was an impeccable hit and received much appreciation from the audiences.

In this comedy show, Gaspar Baugh brings to life some of the weirdest characters from different stories and books like Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the wolfman and more. These unusual characters would come to life on stage as Gaspar Baugh gives them voices with his antics and dialogue.